Home Appliances Noise Reduction Raiders

Home Appliances Noise Reduction Raiders

For the harm of home appliance noise, many people only think that it will damage the hearing. In fact, this is only one of them. Experts pointed out that the harm of noise is far more than damage to hearing, and serious damage to vision. People who are in a noisy environment for a long time are prone to eye damage such as eye fatigue, eye pain, vertigo and visual tears. At the same time, noise can damage the cardiovascular system and cause nervous system dysfunction. There are so many noise hazards, but as long as we pay attention to the details, we can still reduce the noise of home appliances.

Washing machine: wash clothes to the right amount

If the possibility of entering foreign objects in the body is eliminated, there are two cases in which the washing machine produces strange noise: 1. It is related to the amount of laundry, the laundry is too small in one time, the washing machine cannot reach the balance, and the noise generated is increased, so the washing is performed. The clothes should be in moderation; 2. The washing machine should be filled with water before use. The water is too small and the noise will be large, and this will also cost more electricity, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the machine.

Air conditioning: should be cleaned and maintained regularly

The air conditioner indoor unit noise is mainly caused by four kinds of situations: the air conditioner indoor unit filter has dust, foreign matter blockage, the air passage circulation is blocked and generates noise; the wind wheel bearing seat oil is dry or there is foreign matter, the wind wheel does not run smoothly, and friction occurs. Noise; when the indoor mechanism is hot, the plastic parts expand and contract to generate noise; the air guide bar support seat is dry or there is foreign matter, causing the wind guide to run unsmoothly, and the friction generates noise.

There are two ways to maintain: 1. The user can periodically disassemble and clean the air conditioner indoor filter according to the cleanliness of the use environment; 2. Add the lubricant maintenance and need to find the maintenance personnel of the professional repair outlet to come to the door for treatment.

Range hood: check impeller and check valve

When purchasing a range hood, each hood has nominal data. The nominal noise value is measured at the maximum power of the hood, but it is not caused by such noise in daily cooking. For example, when boiling boiled noodles, we can adjust it to the low position, and then fully open the power in case of stir-fry. Of course, there are many ways to control the noise, such as the location of the installation, daily cleaning and maintenance, and so on.

After a period of use, the range hood is noisy, mainly for two reasons: impeller and check valve. After a period of use of the range hood, many consumers choose to clean the impeller, resulting in impeller deformation, dynamic balance imbalance, or the impeller is not installed in place, resulting in no coordination with the motor shaft, resulting in noise. Therefore, consumers can refer to the manual to see if the installation precautions are detailed in the above. If the impeller is damaged, see if it matches the impeller after the sale.

There will be a check valve inside the regular range hood. Don't underestimate this small device. It can play various functions such as windproof and odor prevention. If it is damaged, or the check valve is not installed, it will result in unsmooth exhaust and high noise. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to rinse with water to prevent the computer board from entering water or using flammable cleaning agents. It is best to clean the filter once a month and pour off the waste oil from the oil cup and clean the oil cup before the oil cup is full.

Noise reduction, keep in mind 5 points

1. Separate home appliances, try not to collect household appliances in one room, do not put the sound pressure level too high in the bedroom, such as refrigerators; 2. Timely troubleshooting of household appliances, the noise of household appliances with sick work is working better than normal The sound is much louder, so once the fault occurs, it must be eliminated in time; 3. The home appliance is staggered, try to avoid the use of various household appliances at the same time to prevent the noise from superimposing and harming the body health; 4. Planting more flowers and growing more flowers at home Green plant, which can not only purify the environment, but also absorb, evacuate and eliminate some noise; 5. Supplementing nutrition, noise can increase the consumption of certain amino acids and vitamin B in the human body, resulting in imbalance of human body function. Supplementing the right amount of amino acids and vitamins can increase the body's tolerance to noise. (Zhang Xi)

Active Components:
1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one (BIT)
Product Features:
1. Broad spectrum and long term industrial biocide and antiseptic against epiphyte, mildew, algae and so on.
2. High heat stability: Stable under 180℃
3. Good stability: No need to add additional stabilizer, not contain heavy metal, chlorine, formaldehyde or formaldehyde releaser, not contain any inorganic salt; effective over wide pH range.
4. Safety: Low toxicity; Environmentally acceptable.
This product is widely used in latex product, water-solubility resin, latex paint, crylic acid, polymer, photo fixative, printing ink, leather and lubricating oil.

It is used to make shampoo, children's cleanser, textile softener, antistatic agent, disinfectant and emulsifying agent.

Isothiazolinones Series BIT 20%

2-Benzisothiazolin-3-One (Bit)20%

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