Choose different glasses in different positions

Choose different glasses in different positions

Glass is a kind of decorative material, which can be divided into four types: ordinary flat glass, special glass, deep-processed glass and plexiglass. As for which type to choose during decoration, it can be selected according to different parts of use.

Ordinary flat glass is usually installed in doors, windows, partitions, etc.; in some special places, such as bathroom, embossed glass, tinted glass or frosted glass, both lighting and "perforation"; north facing rooms using heat-absorbing or insulating glass, It can play a thermal insulation effect; in the partitions, murals, doors and windows, ceilings, etc., the use of stained glass, sculpt glass, glass bricks, etc., can enhance the indoor artistic effect.

Frosted glass is also called frosted glass. This type of glass is only translucent and cannot be "perforated" to soften the room without glare. It is often used for window glass that requires concealed bathrooms, etc. It can also be used for glass ceilings.

Embossed glass, also known as knurled glass, uses embossed glass in interior doors and windows, etc. It has the characteristics of being light-transmissive but not transparent, and is usually used indoors to partition or separate doors and windows between rooms.

Of course, in addition to this, there are certainly some questions about the use of tempered glass, hollow, and laminated glass.

In general, the bottom fixing of your balcony must be tempered. It is recommended to use tempered steel when it comes to small high-rises. Hollow is necessary for customers who have high requirements for sound insulation and heat insulation. In addition, for insulating glass There are also relatively applicable profiles. It is recommended that you consult and compare more according to your actual needs when you choose!

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