Sandstone storage and maintenance

Sandstone storage and maintenance

the reason

Dirt and contamination not only hinder the aesthetics, but also contain aggressive chemicals that degrade the sandstone. Pollution is generated during construction or during maintenance and must be treated differently. In general, prevention is more important than cleaning, and daily long-term maintenance is better than sudden acute cleaning. Soil contamination can be reduced and prevented by proper design and material selection, careful construction and maintenance. The so-called correct design, that is, attention to the following things on the sandstone products:

Specific requirements

When the product is processed in a plane, the wall rock is inclined to the outside, the wall portion is not required to be drained by the wall, the water inflow into the narrow part, the water flows through the concrete, the surface of the glass or other building materials, and the surface of the sandstone is easily accessible to the sandstone. The product causes pollution. In special circumstances, materials that match the properties of the stone should be chosen. For example, when used as a wall lining, it is necessary to protect the front of the elevator, the vicinity of the lift switch, furniture, and the like. Combinations between incompatible materials are prone to contamination. (For example, liquid leakage from a car to a sandstone surface.) A permeable mortar laid on a deck or step will become a coal-based contamination. The seam after the wrong cleaning process is also an important reason.

specific measure

The correct treatment includes careful attention to transportation, storage, construction and other aspects. Thin panels are not only fragile and fragile, but also susceptible to stains. Attention must be paid to stubborn stains such as mortar, paint, protective layer spots, scaffolding rust and mechanical lubricants.

From the storage period to the end of construction, the stone must be covered with a plastic layer or anti-fouling cloth as much as possible. Fully understand that the entire service process may cause internal and external pollution due to pollution or human contact. It must be isolated from the source of pollution as much as possible, often removing dirt and the like. In contaminated areas, use appropriate paint and building cleaners to clean the stains. When cleaning the stone, it should be moderate to prevent damage to the environment and workers or damage to the stone itself.

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