Winter vegetable worm control technology

Winter vegetable worm control technology

Vegetables are vegetables that can be cooked and cooked into food, except for food (mostly herbaceous). Vegetables are one of the essential foods in people's daily diet. Vegetables provide the vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. According to the 1990 statistics of the International Food and Agriculture Organization, 90% of the essential vitamin C and 60% of vitamin A are derived from vegetables. In addition, there are a variety of phytochemicals in vegetables, which are recognized as health-friendly ingredients such as carotenoids, dipropylene compounds, and methyl sulfur compounds. At present, various nutrients in fruits and vegetables can effectively prevent chronic and degenerative diseases. At the same time, the vegetables in the vegetables are more likely to cause cabbage caterpillars!

Cabbage butterfly is known as white butterfly and white butterfly. Its larva is known as cabbage caterpillar and is a national pest. The worm likes cruciferous plants, so cabbage, rape and cabbage are the most seriously affected.

Control methods: 1, pesticide control. The best period of drug control is before the larvae are three years old. The use of drug killing is the first choice for the control of cabbage caterpillars, and it can also cure aphids. The key is to select high-efficiency, low-toxic, low-residue pesticides. You can choose one of the following medicines for careful and thorough spray control, 90% trichlorfon or 5% 100% or 48% lesbian 1000 times liquid, 45% green Pepsi 1000-1500 times liquid, the effect of drug replacement is more good. 2, combined with fertilizer. The dead leaves, residual plants and weeds in the field will be concentrated or burned to destroy the hidden larvae and pupa. 3, can manually kill larvae and cockroaches in the field, nets catch adult worms before spawning.

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