The development stage of domestic security market

The development stage of domestic security market

The development stage of domestic security market For more than a decade, the domestic security market has experienced a number of rapid development stages, which has driven the rapid growth of the security market.

1, analog monitoring stage (1979-1983)

Early security monitoring system use units were mainly very important and special units and departments. The system consists of front-end analog cameras, back-end matrix, video tape recorders and CRT video walls. As the camera equipment at this stage was monopolized by Japanese companies and the production technology of cameras with domestic intellectual property rights lag behind, the competition for camera agency rights has become a hot spot in the industry.

2, digital monitoring stage (1984-1996)

With the development of the security industry, the use of units has grown to include important units such as the financial system, cultural relics system, military industry, and postal services. The scale of monitoring has continued to expand, and early analog monitoring systems have been unable to meet the needs of the business, including insufficient storage capacity for tape recorders and matrix. With the increasing scale, the inability to implement remote monitoring and PTZ control, the limited picture quality, and so on, the digital transformation of analog surveillance is imperative. At this stage, digital technology has promoted the birth of DVR products. It adopts digital recording technology and is far superior to analog monitoring equipment in image processing, image storage, retrieval, backup, network transmission, and remote control. Generally, it is divided into hard disks: VCR, PC-type hard disk recorders, embedded hard disk recorders and so on. The emergence of DVR products, in turn, has promoted the independent research and development and production of domestic digital camera products, and the resolution of images has gradually entered the era of standard definition. In this stage, the competition in the market has shifted from the competition of single agency right to the competition between branded products and assembled products, and the system integration business has emerged.

3, high-definition / network monitoring phase (1997-2009)

After nearly a decade of development, the domestic security market has further expanded into finance, public security, energy, transportation, education, telecommunications, airports, and customs. Among them, the intelligent building sector has become the largest application market with a total market size of several hundred billion yuan. . With the mature application of digital technology, in order to meet application requirements such as license plate recognition, face recognition, accident analysis, process monitoring, and intelligent monitoring, the introduction of high-definition/network video surveillance technology will effectively solve the above problems. The system structure at this stage is more complicated. The front-end cameras are mostly network-type high-definition cameras, sensors, alarm equipment, lighting equipment, etc. The back-end is made up of DVR/DVS, NVR (digital network recorder), video monitoring server, and surveillance. Cluster system / large-scale system of ultra-high resolution digital video wall, client equipment, system software, network, etc. The introduction of high-definition monitoring concepts not only brings about a revolution in software and hardware systems, but also has a greater significance in that it begins with a single video surveillance and gradually transitions to the integration of video surveillance and customer application systems. Video surveillance is no longer a message. Islanding, more integrated with the user's business system, becomes an important resource for business development.

4, intelligent monitoring stage (2007-)

If the safe city construction started in 2004 is the basic driving force for the development of the security industry, then the hosting of the Olympic Games, the World Expo and the Asian Games will be the catalyst for upgrading the security industry. What he brings is not only huge business opportunities, but more importantly it is the era of great security.

From security, transportation, energy, environment, government emergency response, business information display, broadcast television, etc., security monitoring information and business operation information are effectively integrated. Security applications are investigated and evidenced by subsequent investigations, and prior analysis, summarization, and early warning are provided. In the exercise, the tracking, commanding, dispatching, coordination, cooperation, and communication in the event have been expanded. The security industry has already broken through the established scope of the security industry. The new security security era featuring integrated and intelligent has come. At this stage, the security monitoring industry basically starts with the information acquisition phase and begins to enter the information use phase.

Today's security systems are not just a simple video surveillance system. The security system has been expanded to integrate business management, data transmission, video, alarm, and control in various industries. It can store, intelligently analyze and store large amounts of data. Security intelligent integrated management platform.

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